Who We Are

It was 1891 when Lee Pak Fong left Guangzhou, the southern province of China and travel to Malaya. The entrepreneurial man starts his 2nd part of his life in Penang Island.

He started Cheng Woh Medical Hall in 1933, supplying Chinese herbs in Campbell Street to local people. His philosophy is to provide natural ingredients of Chinese herbs to improve the health of the people. During World War II in 1941, we had to closed down and move away from Campbell Street.
After the Japanese left in 1945, Cheng Woh Medical Hall reopens in Campbell Street and never left ever since.
In 1951, the founder of Cheng Woh Medical Hall pass away, his eldest son Lee Kum Moon took over as the business owner. We continue to support the philosophy of Lee Pak Fong that has been grounded upon, using genuine products for the customers.
20 years later in 1971, Lee Tak Tsong, the 2nd son of Lee Kum Moon joins the operations of Cheng Woh Medical Hall; it has been enjoying continuous growth for years because we remain true to the original philosophy and tradition of genuine and effective Chinese herbal treatment.
Over 27 years of research, Lee Tak Tsong has been developing better and more effective formulas of Chinese herbal remedies, in 1998 we launched a mass production of soups and teas which people needs on the daily basis. With strong suppliers support develops over the years, these herbal soups, flower teas and desserts can be provided with a cost effective manner helping people improving health and bringing people together at an affordable price.
Moving forward to 2004, we have now over 500 different formulas designed each to cater not only for treatment but as health food to the community.
Operating Hours
9am to 6.30pm
Monday to Saturday
Closed on major Public Holida
Cheng Woh Medical Hall
Cheng Woh Medical Hall
Cheng Woh Medical Hall
Cheng Woh Medical Hall


Bone Tendon Protection Soup 筋骨补腰汤

筋骨补腰汤 Bone Tendon Protection Soup

Bone Tendon Protection For 2 to 4 people Support joints mobility Soothe and comfort sore joints... +more

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Cheng Woh was launched on 16th December 2011.  +more