Merry Christmas

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in Western world, but nowadays, more and more Chinese also celebrate the Christmas. For Christians, Christmas is a celebration for the birth of Christ but for non-Christians it’s a holiday for family and friends reunion.

As early as the beginning of the December retail shops along the streets begin to decorate their gondolas and lobbies with Christmas trees, colored lights and presents. You would probably hear the Christmas in every retail store.

Young people love the Christmas celebration. For them, Christmas is an opportunity which gives them a chance to go out and get together with their friends, singing and dancing the whole night on the Christmas Eve. Some of them viewed this festival as another Valentine’s Day; it is indeed a romantic occasion.

Regardless of belief and religion, we should take every holiday opportunity to spend some time with our families, friends and love ones. As we get caught up with our careers, social and dreams, let’s just relax and have fun when Christmas comes. Cheng Woh wishes you a merry chirstmas.

Cheng Woh, founded in 1933, have over 30 types of herbal soups, desserts and flower teas. We believe that the best way to for people to come together is through healthy food. We strive to bring good soup of optimal nutrition and vital ingredients of taste and pleasure




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